The G spot and more

The Sex Reports

ImageIt should go without saying that every woman is different, and that you should pay attention to what feels good for the unique person you are with: if anything in this guide conflicts with what your partner knows or thinks would feel good for her, then go with her suggestions rather than mine. Good communication really IS the cornerstone of terrific sex, after all…

Preparing Your Hands

If you absolutely must have long fingernails for fashion reasons, then you’ll probably want to put cotton balls around them and don latex gloves before doing any penetration. If you don’t need your fingernails long, then go ahead and clip them short before playing. Even if you have short fingernails, you may in some circumstances wish to wear a latex glove on your “insertive” hand for comfort or “peace of mind” reasons; see the “Lubes and Gloves” section of this article for details.

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