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Okay, I know the first step is to admit that you have a problem; I’m Blackhippiechick, and I am a total bibliophile….yes, I love books. I have electronic books, paperback, hardback any kind of book that you can think of, I probably own.

Recently, I started doing ARC (Advanced Reviewer Copy) book reviews. So far, the majority of books I’ve received in e-book format. Today, I gave in to my addiction. I bought a Kindle (with keyboard), even though I’ve got an iPad. I could justify my purchase by saying I used a portion of my inheritance to buy it, and my father always loved electronic devices. Or, I could buy into the justification that I devised to make it acceptable to me….I use my iPad like my laptop, I write all of my school papers, reviews, memoir and Great Tohoku Earthquake material on it…

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