One of THOSE Days


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Today has been one of THOSE days, where you wake up to a problem. Okay, to be fair I didn’t learn about the problem until about an hour after I woke up, but since I had been planning to crawl back under the covers, it still counts.

It’s also been when one of those days, where I’ve found myself craving the touch of a Dom. I noticed that I didn’t have an emotional feeling about something that should’ve caused a great emotinal response, and thought to myself that I was going into automatic survival mode. Let me clarify that statement, the information I received is by no means a danger to me in any way. Survival mode for me means, I don’t have time to feel anything emotionally, I just need to take care of the problem.

Today, was different from most of the times I’ve gone into survival mode; I actually noticed that I wasn’t/still haven’t had an emotional reaction. That’s why I need a Dom. If I had a Dom, I know that he would be able to spank or flog me until I was able to connect to my emotions. I know he would be able to monitor my reactions, and determine if I’ve reached the point where I am actually processing things. He would be able to “make me” tell him what’s wrong, and how I’m feeling. But most importantly, he would be there once I have begun to process my emotions and he would provide me with the care that I need.

Plus, I wouldn’t remind playing with my Dom, either 😉

4 thoughts on “One of THOSE Days

  1. This is just perfect. It happens to both sides. Even though my wife and I life in the lifestyle all the time there are days when she leaves for the office and as the day goes on I need her here not at work, not at an event, just here. Yes the pain I can give to release my endorphins, the emotional release, the love we have but my ability to control our situations is missing.

    Most say well Ira you control the situation no matter what. I say yeah whatever!!
    Great writing thanks-


  2. I’m glad to know it goes both ways; I envy your ability to live the lifestyle, especially today…lol. In the past, when I was having a day like today, I tried everything I could think of to get my partner to spank me….He will do it a couple of times during sex (every once in a while), but I can never get him to just spank me.
    I agree with you; if a sub doesn’t want to turn over some aspect of control, it doesn’t matter what the Dom does. I know my partner wants to act like he’s my Dom in the bedroom, but in my opinion, if he’s not willing to put in ALL of the work then he shouldn’t get the benefit either.


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