An Interview with the Author of Living in the Now

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The following is my interview with Rawiya
MeWhat made you decide to write an interracial romance? As a woman in an interracial relationship, I’ve found the book options to be rather limited.

Rawiya: I’m in an interracial marriage as well. The prime reason I decided to focus on it is because I wanted more stories that didn’t cater to the stereotypes. None of my books will feature their racial differences as part of the plot line unless it is integral to the book. I believe the choices are getting better though in m/m and m/f.

Me:How did you decide on the gender make-up of your characters?

Rawiya: Well for this latest story this is the first book I kind of wrote myself into it with my 2 favourite musicians as the men involved. You can kind of say this is an alternative universe fanfiction story. *laughs*…

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