Henrietta and George Go Bananas Part One


Model Monique at Saltire Deutsch: Fotomodell M...

Model Monique at Saltire Deutsch: Fotomodell Monique im schwarzen Bustier und Minirock aus Lack/PVC, gefesselt am Andreaskreuz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Henrietta was sitting on her bed, trying to process all of the feelings that were running through her body. She loved her husband Aaron, after all they had been together for over twenty years, but she hadn’t been able to shake the feeling that something was missing from their relationship. She’d tried once before to tell Aaron what she felt was missing, that she yearned to be dominated by a man. Unfortunately, all the promises that he’d made about dominating her never came to fruition. Now, Henri was teetering on the edge, and deep in her heart she knew that her need to be dominated would eventually win the battle. Henri knew that there would be grave consequences if she gave into her desires; she didn’t know if she would be strong enough to pick up all of the pieces from the fallout.As Henri sat curled into a ball, all her mind could think of was him. She leaned her head back against her pillow, closed her eyes and saw Him. The person that she referred to as him, was George Mason. God, she’d do anything if she could travel back and change things so that she didn’t run into George Mason’s cart in the grocery store. Henri can remember  everything that occurred the day they met.She’d just reached over the piles of fruit in order to grab a bunch of bananas, of course the ripest bunch that she desired was at the very back of the pile. As she leaned over to grab it, her long brown hair flew into her eyes; She used her right hand to push her hair out of her face. That same moment, George decided that he wanted the same bunch of bright yellow bananas, with a few brown spots on them. George’s hand slightly graved Henri’s palm, instantly she felt her desire all the way down to her pussy.She jerked her hand back as fast as she could, and tried to grab her shopping cart. All she kept thinking, is that she had to get away from George as fast as she could. But George had other plans for her. He’d felt the charge of sexual attraction when their hands touched, as well. George had only had that kind of experience once, and it was with his former submissive, Susan. George and Henri had known each other for years, but neither of them had experienced this kind of attraction to the other one throughout the years.When Henri noticed that George had blocked her cart so that she was unable to exit, she looked up at him with her big honey brown eyes.”Umm, hi George. I’m, umm, really sorry about bumping into your cart. I’ll have to pay closer attention to my surroundings the next time I reach for bananas.””Henri, look at me directly in the eyes. I know you felt the attraction, just as much as I did,” said George.Henri tried to force herself to look at him, but she just couldn’t do it. She looked down at the ground and closed her eyes. Henri thought that perhaps George would be gone when she opened her eyes. She didn’t know how to deal with the situation; hell, it had been ages since her pussy had clenched like that. Henri, took a deep breath and opened her eyes…..Damn it still here.”Henri, I told you to look at me. I meant right now!”Henri slowly lifted her head up, and she looked into George’s piercing blue eyes. She straightened her body out, and made sure that she had her head held high. Then she glued a plastic smile on her face and said,” Yes George, I felt the attraction, alright. So what?”

4 thoughts on “Henrietta and George Go Bananas Part One

  1. Thanks :)! I normally deal with creative non-fiction in my writing class & thought it would be fun to change things up….writing dialogue makes me a little nervous, so I figured what the hell. Plus, besides the fun of crafting my own erotic fantasy, I’ll get to find out if my prof is wrong when he tells me I can be a published author. If everyone says it’s the worst thing they’ve ever read….there’s my answer. I can’t wait unil I get to the fun part ;)!


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