Day 13 of My 30 Days of Kink


Day 13: Explain as best you can what the appeal of kink/BDSM is to you? Why are you drawn to what you’re drawn to?
I guess the biggest things that draw me into BDSM are the: open communication, the amount of trust that is developed between partners, the sense of protection and care you feel as a submissive, and the reward of knowing (and HEARING) that you’ve done something to please your Dom/Master…..this a big one for me, to actually have the person tell me they appreciate, care for me, the freedom to express my sexual needs/desires without judgment, the fact that a Dom/Master is paying attention to the slightest detail & is even able to pick up on things that arouse me that I might not be ready to admit, and then providing the little nudges along the way to help me expand my comfort zone, and the biggest reason (besides the awesome sexual reactions that have) is that I feel safe, like there is someone who has my best interest at heart, who will be there when I feel the utmost despair, share in the celebration when I’ve achieved a goal, and knows when I just need comfort
One a sexual level I’m drawn to the following aspects of BDSM/Kink: I love that my fantasies are discussed and validated, having my hands bound is like receiving a pound of Godiva chocolate…yes please, anytime ;), I have fantasized about being spanked in a sexual/erotic way for quite sometime, as someone who has a ton of guilt/same associated with things of a sexual nature (funny, I didn’t attend any catholic schools until college) it is amazing to have someone “tell you what to do”/ be in control, I know he’s not going to have me do anything that would be psychologically traumatic & honestly it probably would be stuff that I Really want to do but am too embarrassed to admit, ASS PLAY is there really anything more I need to say about that except, oh hell yeah….
Why am I drawn to what I’m drawn to? Well all I can say about the sexual things is that I’m drawn to them, because I rather enjoy the orgasms that they produce *BLUSHING*! I would say that I’m drawn to the emotional aspects for several reasons: a week after my 16th birthday, I decided that my dad had beaten me for the last time, so I was bounced around from shelter, foster homes,being a runaway, group home & then back to them for a short time while I was a quadriplegic…when I was removed from my home because my mom chose my dad, I realized I was the only person that I could truly count on…BDSM enables me to know that I’ll be cared for, it is afterall the essence of a BDSM relationship. And as I said earlier, it allows me to share//do all of the wonderful freaky things I can think of.

So I do a ton of book reviews…

English: Lesbian show in Granada (Spain).

English: Lesbian show in Granada (Spain). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, I do a ton of book reviews, promos, guest blogs….but I’ve noticed that I’ve not come across very much lesbian erotica. Has anyone else noticed this, and if so, do you know why there seems to be a shortage? I even do reviews/post for companies who specify in LGBTQ (Q) material, and haven’t come across any lesbian erotica :(!

Inescapable that’s the word I’d used to describe…

Feel the Pain

Feel the Pain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Inescapable, that’s the word I’d used to describe the state of the funk that I’m in…but how else could I be expected to feel today, it does after all mark the yearly reminder of my introduction of the act of betrayal….it’s been 26 years, but I’m still unable to completely purge the evil that occurred that day…it’s as if you took a knife and began to carve into my flesh, you only scraped away the first layer of skin that night but the wound was big enough to become contaminated…the infection has continued to fester and eat away at my soul, leaving behind guilt, shame and self doubt…as I sit here clicking my fingernails against one another, I still wish that I knew what caused you to change that day…I’ve tried, but I can’t seem to push the events of that day completely from my mind…God, I wish I could feel the bite of a crop or flogger on my ass right now…the physical pain is what I need to create a crack in the armor of self protection that I’ve created, what I need in order for me to let the pain & sadness be released as tears

Review of Mia Natasha’s Cinderella Thyme by Blackhippiechick for Night Owl Reviews

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Miller, the protagonist in Cinderella Club is a very responsible but naïve young woman. Her family is shrouded in mystery, as Miller’s mother is killed in a plane crash when she is very young. Miller has a sister who was named Thyme; before Thyme dies in a mysterious fire, Miller believes that she must be using sort of drug. Miller begins to see Thyme in a different light, once she is abducted and taken to club where she is forced into sexual slavery.

Miller must endure extreme slave training, that includes being forced to be the human fox in a fox hunt. Miller discovers that her first and only love is a member of the club, and she’s convinced Colin is going to rescue her. Throughout the story there are references to several versions of the Cinderella story, including Miller’s memories of her & her mother talking about Miller’s…

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