Naughty Nites Hotshot: Love Bites by Ashlynn Monroe

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This story is a unique paranormal romance about an alpha male vampire whose secret need for domination is fulfilled years later by the woman he discards.
Love Bites is a descriptive tale with BDSM elements, male submission and female domination.
Love Bite by Ashlynn Monroe
The slap of a whip and the moan each impact elicited from the victim were the only sounds in Jubal’s special cellar. Once the cellar stood filled with wine, dust and cobwebs. However, it served to ease his boredom now. He loved watching his protégé in action. His cock stood half erect as he watched the handsome young man beaten for his visual pleasure by his young fledging vampiress. Her long, pale blond hair had a few flecks of rust colored blood splattered in it. Her ample breasts…

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