Standard nipple piercings. East Bay CA Deutsch...

Standard nipple piercings. East Bay CA Deutsch: Gepiercte weibliche Brustwarzen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think after my dad’s birthday yesterday, I’ve been doing a ton of introspection…..well I’m done with that. My anthem is now: KISS ME, SPANK ME, FUCK ME!!!
Hmmm, where do I go to put in that request? I have been through some really deep, painful and emotional shit this week. I think I deserve to have some AMAZING DOM, put his hand underneath my chin and turn my head so that I’m forced to stare him in the eyes. Then I want him to kiss me like he owns, dominates and controls my body. I want him to use his tongue to invade my mouth. I don’t want a brief gentle kiss on the lips! I want him to nip at my lips with his teeth, then thrust his tongue in and out of my like his fucking me with it.
Then I want him to rip of my shirt, grab, twist, slap and bind my breasts. You want to add clothespins to my nipples? Yes please. Sign my ass up for that, and if you’d like to throw in some amazing sucking of these 44 DD…I’m all for it. I’m going to warn you now, Sir. By this point, my pussy is going to be so fucking wet, you may just want to consider it your sexual fountain. I’m sure there will be lots of begging and pleases, followed by


But really I’ll be fine either way, because part of the thrill is making sure that I don’t cum so that I can please Sir…but it’s also pretty fucking hot when a Dom says yes you can cum, and he’s doing something like twisting your nipples….well, I enjoy it when I’m about to cum and I twist my own nipples, so it will only increase my pleasure if his pulling on my nipples, right???
Oooh, you want me to bend over your desk so you can take a crop to my ass!! Sir, I’ve been such a good girl all week ***head and eyes turned towards the ground***. PLEASE, MAY I CUM AT WILL?? I can, oh thank you Sir…Thank You, Sir…mmm, I can feel my juices starting to flow from my chocolate lotus flower. Mmmm, Sir….it feels wonderful when you add your fingers to my pussy…mmm, yes Sir, if it pleases you….mmm, you’re going to.mmmm, that feels so fucking good. Yes, please fist me…I love when you do that little twist when you’re fist is…..mmmm, Can I please, please, please, please, please Cum….don’t think I can hold off much longer….

Well, this little piece was a really nice way to clear my mind 😉 !

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