Days 11& 12 of My 30 Days of Kink



Day 11: What are your views on the ethics of kink?
I would have to say that I really appreciate them; in a BDSM relationship there is a level of trust that I think can at times be greater than in a vanilla relationship. In order for a BDSM relationship to be successful the sub has to be able to trust their Dom with their greatest desires, embarrassing incidents or feelings and their fears. After all, if you don’t trust someone to the core of your being, do you really want them to have their hands around your neck? I know, I don’t.
As someone who has experienced sexual trauma, it is very comforting to be able to discuss the activities that may take place between a Dom and myself. I think it is important that the level of comfort of each activity is discovered, and if there is something that I am completely opposed to I trust that my Dom wouldn’t do it.

Day 12: Tell us about a humorous BDSM/kink experience you’ve had. If you haven’t had one, talk about aspects of kink/BDSM you find funny.
If I offend anyone with what I’m about to write, it is truly not my intention.
Okay, it may just be me….but I totally think that pony play is hilarious, purely from the viewpoint as a non-participant. Don’t get me wrong, I would totally love to have a nice object in my ass….really, really love, as in I can feel the wetness starting just from writing about it. However, I totally can’t get into having some kind of tail flapping around behind me, as I’m crawling around on all fours.
Although, if that meant my Dom had a nice rope stashed to easily lasso and tie my ass up…..nope, I still think I would bust out laughing. Yes, I realize that my beautiful brown ass will have red streaks on if my Dom so chooses, but they spanking part actually sounds pretty damn good.

Okay, I don’t know if I find this next part humorous or weird; perhaps it’s something that just don’t understand, and one of you more knowledgeable readers can enlighten me. What is up with the Daddy/baby girl thing? Okay, maybe I do find this a little funny too (but it could be different if i experienced it). I just can’t imagine a Dom spanking me, and I’m calling out : OOOO, Daddy!
So exactly how does the Daddy/baby girl thing work? Perhaps, there is something beautiful about this type of relationship, but as an outsider it kinda creeps me out. Don’t get me wrong, if that floats your boat…then take as many trips down the river of awesome sex as you can. At this time, from my limited knowledge of this type of relationship I honestly don’t think it is something that I want to do. Did you notice how I prefaced my statement with : at this time?
One thing I’ve learned as I venture into the world of BDSM, Sexual Enjoyment, Sexual Experimentation and Self Discovery is: I shouldn’t say that I’ll never do something, because it’s funny how things change.


2 thoughts on “Days 11& 12 of My 30 Days of Kink

  1. Yes to your last thought! Too many people are apt to turn their noses up to certain things; but as we grow we change. I’m not into the Daddy thing, but there is sometimes something Fatherly about a dominant male taking care of a submissive. Strange.


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