Love, Pain and Trust


Is it possible to fall back into love, when all the warmth and caring is gone
I remember the way that I used to feel when he walked into a room, sadly now it makes me feel alone
My heart used to race and my hands would start to sweat, I wanted to look beautiful for you
Now, I’m filled with dread when you walk into the room, and yet you haven’t a clue
Have you noticed that my smile doesn’t make it all the way to my eyes
Of course not, I’m not your priority..there’s a surprise
When I think of you my heart physically aches, tears fall from my eyes remembering the love we once shared
My golden brown eyes no longer sparkle, if you took the time to really look you’d see my pain there
Time is such a valuable thing, but for me you’ve none to spare
Honestly, I can’t put all the blame on your shoulders, I’m not the same girl as when we met

My love for you isn’t gone, it’s just different. I do love you, it’s just not the same as it once was. I used to hang on your every word, at one time I would’ve done anything for you. But then we moved here, and you are not the same man either. You are no longer the person that I can count on,the person I run to when I’m in need. I can’t name the exact moment when things changed, but I can tell you what I can’t get passed. I never thought you would call my mom to “tell” on me. You knew before you called that our relationship has always been strained. Honestly,can you tell that you called her for something other than to hurt me? Tell me, what did you gain from it? Now, I barely talk to my mother and I’ve never really trusted you since then. Funny, I didn’t realize that I didn’t trust you until now. I knew I was mad and I knew that I was hurt, but I didn’t know that I didn’t trust you. Perhaps, that’s why I’ve fallen w

out of love with you. Don’t get me wrong, I realize that I wasn’t innocent. I admittedly talked to another man online, but you went to one of the people who’s hurt me the worse and shared this with her.
My relationships with each of my parents have been messed up because of you. I’d always said that I never wanted to live in my hometown again, and it I did have to move here I’d always stipulated that I live on the other side of county from my father. No,I stood by you and tried to be supportive and you moved me 4 houses from my father. Four fucking houses away from him, and it was a horrible mistake. II n
When my father died we weren’t on speaking terms because he’d become such as ass. When we didn’t live here I was able to see my father a few times a month, but I wasn’t around him long enough for my deep seeded hate to be any size

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