Review of Mia Natasha’s Cinderella Thyme by Blackhippiechick for Night Owl Reviews

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Miller, the protagonist in Cinderella Club is a very responsible but naïve young woman. Her family is shrouded in mystery, as Miller’s mother is killed in a plane crash when she is very young. Miller has a sister who was named Thyme; before Thyme dies in a mysterious fire, Miller believes that she must be using sort of drug. Miller begins to see Thyme in a different light, once she is abducted and taken to club where she is forced into sexual slavery.

Miller must endure extreme slave training, that includes being forced to be the human fox in a fox hunt. Miller discovers that her first and only love is a member of the club, and she’s convinced Colin is going to rescue her. Throughout the story there are references to several versions of the Cinderella story, including Miller’s memories of her & her mother talking about Miller’s…

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