Daddy to the Rescue


Today, started out in such a crazy manner. I was jerked out of my bliss from talking to Daddy on Skype by screaming. I had been getting ready to read, so I turned my music off to verify that it was an argument. Believe me where I live, it’s common to hear loud drunken college kids. However, tonight’s screaming was definitely some type of domestic dispute.
It’s been over 20 years since I dealt with that type of situation, but it was like I was instantly that scared teenager again, wondering if tonight was going to be one of the times my father decided to beat me. My heart began to race, and I tried to assess the danger of the situation. I didn’t want to get to close to the windows, because I had no idea if either of them had a weapon. I did know that if something terrible happened & I could’ve helped prevent it, I would feel guilty afterwards. I had no choice, I dialed 9-1-1.
As I was telling the dispatcher the information, in the back of my head I kept thinking what if he doesn’t believe me. How messed up is that, it’s been ages since I had to convince someone that abuse had taken place; I was suddenly that scared girl wanting desperately to get help. I went to message Daddy from my phone, but there was a data block on it for five minutes in case the police need to call me back.
When I first messaged Daddy from my iPad, my hands were still shaking, my heart was still racing & I was scared. I am the luckiest babygirl in the whole world! Once I started telling Daddy what was happening, he instantly began reassuring me that I was safe. He began helping me process my feelings, and letting me know He will always be there for me. He kept telling me He loved me, and began having me do deep breathing to slow my racing heart. By the time we finished talking I was much calmer, and I once again felt safe, protected, cherished & loved.
Daddy got me a jade lotus flower, and I held it in my hands as we talked. It was comforting to have physical item from Him to hold onto. It may sound silly, but once I had Daddy’s lotus flower in my hands, I knew everything was going to be okay. I am thankful to have Daddy in my life.


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