I am newly single, and learning to navigate being a single mom. I have gotten in the habit of leaving a way for my teens to get into my house during their dad’s visitation time. As crazy as it sounds, my ex & I live 5 houses away from one another. I didn’t want my girls to only be able to see their father occasionally, and we are generally able to maintain a “friendly” relationship. After all, this man was my best friend for approximately 16 years.

This past Wednesday, I decided to attempt  something I’ve not done for the last 20 yImageears. I had a male visitor in my house. It was an amazing experience! I’m talking loud screaming, cock ramming, multiple orgasm producing sex!!!! There is still something totally hot about Dom S completely withdrawing from my body & slowly entering my body, in a way that only He could. In fact, I was so into it that He was the one who alerted me that someone was in the house. Thankfully, he had a quick reaction time & was able to close the door to my bedroom, as my teen was opening it . Instead of my ex handling things in a mature way, he actually staged a pic of said daughter, hold a Kleenex box cover with a cross on it, and a book made to look like a bible.
In the future, I will ensure that no one can enter without a key…lock the door to my bedroom…and remember my ex is a different person, he is still angry over our split.

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