As you can tell if you’ve been reading my posts, I am in the middle of combining several blogs that I started. I will now be posting erotic book and toy reviews on my blog. I’m excited about becoming a sex toy reviewer ;). I will also be posting pieces that I’ve written or am currently working on. Most Importantly: I will be blogging about BDSM, Daddy/babygirl Relationships, Polyamory, and Getting Your Kink On When You Have a Disability.

I will also be starting a question and answer segment, so if there any questions about BDSM that you’ve been dying to ask since you read 50 Shades, then I’m your girl. I will caution you though, and say that bdsm in the real world isn’t “really” like 50 Shades. There are a ton of different relationships that fall under the BDSM umbrella, and then there are people who just like to get freaky every once in a blue moon.

I have Multiple Sclerosis, and seeing as how this is MS Awareness month I decided to checkout the resources available to us kinky disabled folks. Sadly, there wasn’t as many as I’d hoped & some that looked promising had simply died out. So, I feel like I need to take one for the team and be the “Official Disabled Sexy Toy Testing Goddess”. I will do my duty & serve my community proudly; I will face the day, one toy at a time ;).

I will also be discussing polyamory, because I have recently begun a poly relationship. If someone had asked me about being poly five years ago, I would have looked at them like they were crazy. I’ve changed a lot in that time. I’ve learned that it’s important to be loved unconditionally & be happy, for me that happens to be as a member of a triad…and Daddy’s babygirl. Image

Heart Stopping Orgasm in Under 200 Words


Heart Stopping Orgasm  By BlackHippieChick
Summer looks up at Sir, and feels the wetness spread between her legs. She looks back down at the floor, but not before he sees the flush of her cheeks. Sir knows her well; that look means that she was trying to hide her arousal from him.”Spread ’em,” Sir barks at Summer.
She turns so quickly towards the wall she doesn’t see the smile on his face, or the huge bulge of his cock. Summer raises her arms above her head and spreads her legs until they’re two feet apart. Her heart begins to race because she knows Sir is about to find out how wet she is. She wishes that she could make the need go away, but it begins to pull at her clit. Just as she begins to take a deep calming breath, Sir’s finger begins to softly graze against the outer lips of her pussy.
The room begins to spin, darkness engulfs Summer as she falls to the floor. Sir drops to the ground and begins to check for her pulse. She opens her eyes. “Damn, did you give me another heart stopping orgasm ?””Guilty as charged,” he says with a smile.Copyright BlackHippieChick ©9/9/2012   All Rights Reserved.  This cannot be copied in whole or in part without the author’s sole express permission.


English: Model Monique at Saltire Deutsch: Fot...

English: Model Monique at Saltire Deutsch: Fotomodell Monique im schwarzen Bustier und Minirock aus Lack/PVC, gefesselt am Andreaskreuz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



One stp forward & two steps back

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women'...

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women’s Sexual Fantasies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This past week has been a roller coaster ride of confusion & turmoil. Oddly enough, last Sunday ended with my husband & I have a huge argument. He told me have gave me permission to have the open marriage that I wanted…but guess what??? My ass was shocked, shocked that he’d actually told me that I could see other people & I was shocked because I wasn’t overcome with joy.

The weird thing about being a relationship with someone for half of your lifetime & ALL of your adult life, is that your entire life seems to revolve around your memories with this person. Well, at least that’s how it is in my case. I love this man, he as seen me at my worst & instead of running as fast as he could in the other direction, on one occasion he actually hitchhiked over 70 miles to be with me at the hospital. When I had the chance to study in Japan, this is the person who took care of my three year old so I could go.

I feel indebted to him, but to what degree do I owe him? For the past four years, we have essentially switched roles. I have become the backbone & tried to provide him with the same type of support. When he didn’t listen to me & chose to move by my abusive parent, I tried to go with the flow. He’d started a new job and seemed unhappy; I ignored the hurtful stories that he passed along from my dad. When I saw us drifting apart, I even made arrangements for a friend to watch our kids so we could have some alone time.

He switched jobs and hated it even more than the other job; I tried my damnedest to be supportive, I didn’t even complain about having to load the kids into the car at 5:30 in the morning to drop him off at work. Hell. I didn’t even bitch when he worked EVERY fucking holiday. But, by this time we’d started to really grow apart…no matter how many times I told him I wanted to study writing, he insisted I enroll in a program at our local college.

Fast forward to last week and we’ve grown so far apart that I didn’t even want him to touch me. On Monday, we had a more civil conversation about our relationship status & he’d agreed to an open relationship. He’d also agreed to go to therapy, he starts in a few hours. But, I’m still in pain because of things he’s done & said; I don’t know how to get past them, and he’s excuse tht it’s not his normal character just doesn’t cut it. There’s been no real apology & I don’t think I can move past these things until I feel he’s sincerely sorry.

Surprise. Surprise..he’s not REALLY willing to allow me to have an open relationship. He’s just willing to say that it’s okay. I’ve discovered its okay, as long as I don’t actually talk to someone else….

Every Sub Is Allowed A Temper Tantrum, Right?

English: Bent forward strappado

English: Bent forward strappado (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, if you are a Dom reading this you are probably thinking HELL NO…..actually, the funniest thing that happened after my  outburst & fit of self-doubt is that the Doms all said to breathe.  So maybe it’s not all that unsubmissive to question the depth of one’s submissiveness , lol.

But seriously, after I was able to get past that huge period of self-doubt I was able to think about things more clearly. I was very productive, mapping out a beginning the writing process for an Interracial BDSM story ;). Started the day out on the right foot, worked through a really crappy event with a Dom & able to see it from an outsider’s perspective. Then said Dom was kind enough to use orgasm control in a manner that left me with a high/bliss like feeling….Thank You ;).

Review of Tonya Kinzer’s Novel: Their Submissive Switch by Blackhippiechick for Night Owl Reviews

bdsm @ the hangar

bdsm @ the hangar (Photo credit: mrdepot)

This book could be a good starting point or readers who loved 50 shades

Black Hippie Chick's Take On Books & The World


Sondra & Nick work together by day, but once they enter their house they live in a Master/slave relationship. In order to expand on Sondra’s slave training, she and Nick attended a training retreat in Florida. Before they leave, Nick and Sondra discuss her feelings about receiving sexual stimulation from a female. During the sessions Sondra works with both male Doms and female Dommes; she discovers that she rather enjoys the way Dommes make her feel.
Throughout the retreat Sondra and Nick learn how they feel during many intriguing situations, including a session where Sondra takes on the role of a Domme. The author was able to describe the BDSM sessions in a very sensual way, that left this reader wishing for more.
This book could be a good stepping stone book for those readers who connected with the Fifty Shades Trillogy. This book takes the next step in explaining…

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Elusive Release or I Need to Cum

English: Multiple men engaged in sexual activi...

English: Multiple men engaged in sexual activity with a single woman. Deutsch: Mehrere Männer verkehren mit einer Frau, sexuelle Praktik heißt Gangbang. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, then you know that I’m somewhat of an “innocent” when it comes to partnered/or unpartnered sexual activity. Actually, when it comes to my imagination and the erotica that I write, I could pass for a piece of top notch pussy….Unfortunately, none of those things are helpful to my current situation. My pretty brown pussy has been pulsing & aching to be touched and filled since early this morning. I’ve tried throughout the day to provide some relief for the situation; I alternated between anal beads and a plug. I even broke out the new “all over” body massager that I purchased w/the Amazon card I received for Mother’s Day. I hope it will be a gift that keeps on giving.
I HAVE BEEN ON THE EDGE ALL DAY!!!! I haven’t used that present for several hours,but my pussy is still pulsing. I can feel that awesome sensation that occurs in the perineum and my  ass when it’s being stimulated. But it’s being elusive, that all powerful orgasm that I have felt like I was on the precipice of having since 8, this morning. Damn you! You start on my clit tingling and pulsing,then the vibration starts to spread out of the chocolate covered cherry..mmmm, it’s right there…..omg, omg, omg, I need to cum so bad….
I know what’s wrong; why this complete body encompassing orgasm has burst out my sacred lotus flower…..

Good Books on BDSM

I was wondering if any of you had suggestions for good books that deal with BDSM. I’m talking about books that deal with the relationship aspect, and not necessarily erotica (although, do any of you think I’d honestly pass on erotica?). A book that sets up guidelines, would be great too. The books can be from the perspective of any of the possible players in a BDSM relationship. Thanks in advance ;)!



If I told the majority of my “vanilla” friends that I am especially thankful for my Dom today, they wouldn’t understand. The few (very few) “vanilla” friends that I’ve dared to tell about my need to be a submissive think that a Dom/sub relationship is purely sexual, it’s not! Well, at least my relationship with my Dom isn’t purely sexual; today, I had somewhat of a health scare, okay at the time it felt like the world was closing in on me. You see, I’m supposed to have surgery later this week, so yesterday I had to do my pre-op registration. I was glad that the process hadn’t taken a long time, but then I received a call from the surgeon’s nurse saying that my x-ray had been abnormal. I have a very caring Dom, who had been contacting me throughout the day to see how everything was going.
Today, he called to see how I was doing & I told him about the CT scan that I was going to have in the afternoon. He reassured me that everything was going to be fine, and told me I was to let him know how the testing went. Here’s where the freaking out on my part begins.
I was told during my registration that there was some sort of spot on my lung & that’s why the test had been ordered. Needless to say, I was a little concerned. The CT scan only took about five minutes, but I was told to stay in the waiting room because they were going to read my test results and tell me today. I don’t know about any of you, but I have had to receive medical testing several times in my life, and never have I been told they want me to wait for the results at a hospital.
Well, my wonderful Dom contacted me to see how things were going; I told him that I was scared and that I didn’t know what I was going to do if something was wrong. That’s when my Dom stepped into Dom mode! He made a direct statement: If something is wrong will find out what it is, you will do what the tell you to do and then we’ll work on getting you better. My Dom knew that that is what I needed to hear; he knew that he had to keep me from freaking out (after all, I’m the only person I know who went blind in one eye two days after having my tonsils removed), he knew that I need reassurance that everything would be okay, but he also knew that I needed to know he would be there every step of the way.
I ended up waiting for almost three hours after my scan was finished, but finally after being told everything was okay, I was able to head to my car. I immediately contacted my Dom to let him know what they had said. I was still feeling rather overwhelmed; my Dom expressed his annoyance over the fact that I’d been forced to wait for three hours, just to find out that nothing was wrong. And then…………my Dom told me he wanted me to have a celebratory orgasm, which was one hell of a way to relieve some of my stress.
I can’t wait to show him how thankful I am, for being there when I needed someone to lean on.
It’s such a wonderful thing to feel protected 😉



Henrietta and George Go Bananas Part One


Model Monique at Saltire Deutsch: Fotomodell M...

Model Monique at Saltire Deutsch: Fotomodell Monique im schwarzen Bustier und Minirock aus Lack/PVC, gefesselt am Andreaskreuz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Henrietta was sitting on her bed, trying to process all of the feelings that were running through her body. She loved her husband Aaron, after all they had been together for over twenty years, but she hadn’t been able to shake the feeling that something was missing from their relationship. She’d tried once before to tell Aaron what she felt was missing, that she yearned to be dominated by a man. Unfortunately, all the promises that he’d made about dominating her never came to fruition. Now, Henri was teetering on the edge, and deep in her heart she knew that her need to be dominated would eventually win the battle. Henri knew that there would be grave consequences if she gave into her desires; she didn’t know if she would be strong enough to pick up all of the pieces from the fallout.As Henri sat curled into a ball, all her mind could think of was him. She leaned her head back against her pillow, closed her eyes and saw Him. The person that she referred to as him, was George Mason. God, she’d do anything if she could travel back and change things so that she didn’t run into George Mason’s cart in the grocery store. Henri can remember  everything that occurred the day they met.She’d just reached over the piles of fruit in order to grab a bunch of bananas, of course the ripest bunch that she desired was at the very back of the pile. As she leaned over to grab it, her long brown hair flew into her eyes; She used her right hand to push her hair out of her face. That same moment, George decided that he wanted the same bunch of bright yellow bananas, with a few brown spots on them. George’s hand slightly graved Henri’s palm, instantly she felt her desire all the way down to her pussy.She jerked her hand back as fast as she could, and tried to grab her shopping cart. All she kept thinking, is that she had to get away from George as fast as she could. But George had other plans for her. He’d felt the charge of sexual attraction when their hands touched, as well. George had only had that kind of experience once, and it was with his former submissive, Susan. George and Henri had known each other for years, but neither of them had experienced this kind of attraction to the other one throughout the years.When Henri noticed that George had blocked her cart so that she was unable to exit, she looked up at him with her big honey brown eyes.”Umm, hi George. I’m, umm, really sorry about bumping into your cart. I’ll have to pay closer attention to my surroundings the next time I reach for bananas.””Henri, look at me directly in the eyes. I know you felt the attraction, just as much as I did,” said George.Henri tried to force herself to look at him, but she just couldn’t do it. She looked down at the ground and closed her eyes. Henri thought that perhaps George would be gone when she opened her eyes. She didn’t know how to deal with the situation; hell, it had been ages since her pussy had clenched like that. Henri, took a deep breath and opened her eyes…..Damn it still here.”Henri, I told you to look at me. I meant right now!”Henri slowly lifted her head up, and she looked into George’s piercing blue eyes. She straightened her body out, and made sure that she had her head held high. Then she glued a plastic smile on her face and said,” Yes George, I felt the attraction, alright. So what?”