Winner of Today’s Dumb Ass Idiot Award

So in all of my brilliance, I decided to take someone else’s blood pressure medication because I hadn’t had any for several days.Let’s just say that I resembled Eddie Murphy in the Nutty Professor (when the potion has begun to wear off)! Apparently, I am really allergic to the other med….here comes the biggest part of my dumb ass idiot activities: one of the meds required to reverse the reaction is Solumedrol, good old steroids. Let us go back two weeks and two days, when I had shoulder decompression surgery which they believe was required in part by….you guessed it, Solumedrol……ugh! Thankful I look less like a furry creature storing nuts for the winter….lesson learned :(!

Review of a pretty hot book 😉

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Tickling – Pleasure or Torture?
It doesn’t matter how many times I discuss it, or with how many different people, it never fails to surprise me the varying reactions which occur for the topic of tickling. I suppose it’s the ‘Marmite’ effect as we call it here in the UK, you either love it, or hate it. I have yet to find anyone who has stated ‘Tickling? Well, I can take it or leave it really’, and it is that lack of indifference which drew me to the practice like a moth to a flame. Just what is it about tickling that either sends shimmers of delight coursing through your veins, or has your skin crawling in terror? There are a number of themes to explore, two of which I will detail here, however it is a very complex fetish, and can be combined with many other quirks. Apologies for…

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The G spot and more

The Sex Reports

ImageIt should go without saying that every woman is different, and that you should pay attention to what feels good for the unique person you are with: if anything in this guide conflicts with what your partner knows or thinks would feel good for her, then go with her suggestions rather than mine. Good communication really IS the cornerstone of terrific sex, after all…

Preparing Your Hands

If you absolutely must have long fingernails for fashion reasons, then you’ll probably want to put cotton balls around them and don latex gloves before doing any penetration. If you don’t need your fingernails long, then go ahead and clip them short before playing. Even if you have short fingernails, you may in some circumstances wish to wear a latex glove on your “insertive” hand for comfort or “peace of mind” reasons; see the “Lubes and Gloves” section of this article for details.

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Your Chance to Get Project Moses Free


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Project Moses is a Grisham-style thriller with a bioterrorism plot filled with romance, suspense and humor.

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