Stories to Make You Purr

W.I.P. Slave for the Cause

Julie was sitting at her desk with her head in her hands, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Zane, I don’t know what I’m going to do. If I don’t find a way to raise some money, Youth Haven is going to have to close. I can’t let that happen, I don’t want any of these kids to end up on the street.”

“You know how much this place means to me. I would’ve ended up on the street if Youth Haven hadn’t existed; hell, who knows what I would’ve had to do to survive.”

Zane remembered the night she’d come to his house. It was two in the morning, and she’d had bruises and cuts all over her body. He didn’t have to ask what happened, he know her dad had beaten her again, but that time he hadn’t let her go back home. He’d woken his mom up, and they’d taken Jules to Youth Haven to talk to his mom’s friend. Zane knew that Youth Haven was more than a place to work for Jules, and he was determined to help her save it.
Zane looked at Julie with a mischievous smile on his face, and his blue eyes were twinkling. Julie knew she was in trouble. She and Zane had been friends since their first week of seventh grade, she knew damn well what that look meant. He had a brilliant idea that would keep the doors of Youth Haven open, but it was going to come at a price.

“Spill it,” Julie exclaimed.

“Spill what,” Zane asked feigning innocence.

“Give me a break. I know what that shit eating grin means; tell me your damn plan!”

Zane burst into laughter,” I have a plan that is guaranteed to keep Youth Haven open, but you’re not going to like it Jules.”

“Just tell me already!”

“Well, the members of the club I belong to have been talking about doing some kind of charity event.”

“The club you belong to? As in the sex club you belong to?”

“Jules, it’s a BDSM club not a sex club. Some of the members never doing anything sexual while they’re there.” ” You wouldn’t be required to do anything sexual during the fundraiser.”

“Fine, what will I have to do? “

“We’ve been talking about holding a slave auction; the event will raise a lot of money for Youth Haven and you just might have a little fun in the process.”

Julie couldn’t help noticing the mischievous grin that Zane had on his face. What am I getting myself into? It can’t be life threatening, this is Zane after all, and though he may tease the hell out of me he would never let anyone hurt me.
Julie took a deep breath as she tried to calm her nerves. She opened her mouth to speak several times, and finally forced the words to come out.
“What exactly do you mean by ‘slave auction’, Zane? Damn, I must be desperate for funds if my black ass is seriously considering participating in something called a ‘slave auction’.”

Zane almost spit out the soda he was drinking when Jules said that to him. Then he thought it was going to be so much fun having Jules as his slave, and he would have her. He didn’t care how much he’d have to pay at the auction, he was finally going to share his secret with her. He knew Jules was meant to be his submissive, to protect and love.

“Jules, a slave auction is an event where people who are submissives volunteer to be “sold” to the highest bidder. The submissives are allowed to set up their limits before the auction starts. For example, a sub can say that he or she doesn’t want to be with a Dom/Domme, who likes to cause pain. The sub can say that they don’t want to physically have sex with their buyer, or they can even say if the will or will not do housework.”

“Pain? What do you mean pain? I don’t want to get hurt doing this; I want to save Youth Haven, but I don’t want my ass to get beaten in the process.”

“Jules, calm down. You’ve been my best friend forever, do you really think I’m going to let something bad happen to you?”
Zane patted the couch, and Jules came over and set next to him with her head on his shoulder. Deep down, she knew that Zane would never let anyone really hurt her. At first she thought she was scared of what might happen the night of the auction, but then she realized she was excited. Her heart was racing, her hands were getting sweaty, and her pussy was wet. She started to blush; she was so glad Zane didn’t know how her body was reacting to the thought of the slave auction.
Zane could tell that Jules was turned on by the idea of the slave auction, if her sweaty palms didn’t give it away, her flushed cheeks were definite confirmation. It’s funny, most people think that black girls can’t blush, but he could always tell when Jules was blushing. Zane began to gently rub her shoulders, he could feel Jules begin to loosen up.
“It’s going to be okay, Jules. You know I’ll always be there for you, just like when you needed help from Youth Haven. I know how important this is to you, Babe. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep these doors open.”

Zane wiped the tear from her cheek, then gently kissed her in the same spot. As Jules began to relax, Zane’s mind began to wander. She began to lightly snore, and Zane leaned back so that she would be at a comfortable angle. He closed his eyes, and Jules was rubbing his chest.
Zane’s cock was bulging in his jeans. He didn’t want Jules to know how hard he got, just from a chest rub. She got off of the couch and sat before him in the perfect slave position. She had her knees bent, and that beautiful apple bottom ass was touching her feet. She had her hands upturned, and laying on her upper thighs. Her eyes caught sight of his cock, and she began to lick her lips. She began to slowly pull down the zipper to Zane’s pants, and just as she was about to wrap her beautiful lips around his cock, Zane awoke.

“What were you thinking about, Zane?” Jules, cocked her right eyebrow as she looked questioningly into his eyes.

Zane began to stammer, which never happened except for when Jules had him flustered. Jules started laughing, she’d seen the pink flush go across Zane’s face. She knew he’d been having a sexual dream, because she could feel his cock against her back. God, she loved the way it felt when his cock was against her. She knew she could never tell Zane how she really felt. What if he didn’t have feelings for her, she didn’t think she could handle that. Yeah, his cock was hard but that happens to all guys, right?

“Jules, tune in to reality.”

“Hmm, what? Did you say something Zane?”

“Yeah, Jules. I told you that it would probably be a good idea for you to purchase a book on BDSM. If you’re going to take part in a slave auction, at the very least you need to know the basics of what will occur. How to stop things if you ever feel uncomfortable, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to know some of the common terms.”

“Is there any particular books that you recommend? This side of you is like a whole new world to me. Don’t get me wrong, I knew that you are a Dom but I haven’t been able to truly understand how this type of relationship works,” said Jules.

Yes, the must have books for you are:

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