Relieving Daddy’s Stress


Your babygirl sees that Daddy is stressed out, she asks him she can have permission to help him relax. Once she’s given permission she wastes no time *quickly removes Daddy’s shirt…kissing his lips, then his neck & then takes one nipple in her mouth as she plays with your other nipple* ….I begin to tell you how much I love you & how lucky I am to be your babygirl * I begin to remove your pants, a moan escapes & I blush hoping you didn’t hear it….*as I pull your pants past your knees I begin to kiss your left thigh & continue taking your pants and underwear off* *i look up to check your face to make sure I’m pleasing you….as you close your eyes you tell me what a good girl I am…* as I pull your pants off of each foot I smile up at you* your leaning against the wall and I ask for permission to touch your cock. As soon as you say yes * I reach for your cock with my left hand & begin to lick the precum off of the tip of your cock…you moan* I ask you if it feels good to have your cock in your babygirl’s mouth* as you shake your head yes, I take your cock into the back of my throat as far as possible & swallow…I feel your cock jerk and I slowly move my mouth to the tip of your cock…I begin to move up and down your cock as I moan around it* as I catch my breath quickly, you see the need & desire in my eyes * as you grab the back of my hair, gently tugging it I begin to beg you to fuck my mouth* …*you ask me if I’m sure & as you ask you notice that I’m trying to keep from running my pussy against anything…you pinch my right nipple and my eyes pop open…you tell me to get ready because you’re in charge and you’re going to control everything…I shake my head yes, knowing that this is exactly what I’d been craving…as you slam deeper and harder into my mouth I can feel your grip on my hair get stronger…my desire builds and that’s when you begin to give me everything you’ve got….you see how hard I’m trying not to cum & then command me to cum….as you feel the muffled moans around your cock you pull my hair as you begin to cum.. Feeling your cum spill down my throat sets off another orgasm for me… You tell me what a good girl I am & help me stand…

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